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Dear all,

I would like to take this opportunity to point you to a survey that investigates how research tool usage varies by field, country, position and career length. It is part of our research project here at Utrecht University that aims to chart the changing landscape of scholarly communication. It generates data through a global survey available in (simplified) Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish and soon also in Arabic and Japanese. Its results will not only simply tell what research tools people use, but by that also show revealed preferences regarding scholarly communication in various cultures.

Anyone carrying out research or supporting research can take it. It is easy to do: just click the tools you use. It takes 8-12 minutes to complete and you can opt to receive a visual characterization of your workflow compared to that of your peer group.

The survey will run until February 2016. Over 5,500 people responded so far and over 60 institutions/libraries are partnering in distributing the survey (in return for institutionally tagged data). The data (anonymized) will become available for analyses by others. All details, other language versions, preliminary results and more are at

Many thanks (and please excuse cross posting),


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