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Taylor & Francis is investigating how social media is used in the academic library and how this differs based on the experience level, knowledge, and focus of librarians. We are producing a White Paper<> ( and, as part of this research, we’re hosting a Twitter party on Thursday June 5 between 10:00-10:45 AM, EDT, to discover your thoughts on using social media in the library.

Take part in our qualitative research and engage with other librarians through one of the most popular means of social communication, Twitter!  Your input will help form the basis of our upcoming White Paper.

Is this your first Twitter party? Here’s how to take part:

Register by June 4th and sign into Twitter on the time and day above, and then search for #tfsocialmedia. You’ll instantly see the discussion and can join in by tweeting @librarylantern, using #tfsocialmedia to share your thoughts on:

·         The challenges and opportunities social media presents to the library community

·         Social media as a teaching tool - the role social media plays in information literacy

·         User engagement & perception of using social media in the library

·         Accessibility– how SNS are being promoted in the library

·         Measurability - the impact of social media

Everyone who registers will receive the discussion guide in advance and a small gift afterwards. Click here to register:

The hash tag for this event is #tfsocialmedia and it will be hosted on Library Lantern (<>). We look forward to welcoming you there!

Best regards,
Elyse Profera<mailto:Elyse.Profera at> and Aalia Oosman<mailto:Aalia.Oosman at>
Library Communications Project Team
Taylor & Francis Group<>

Email: elyse.profera at<mailto:elyse.profera at> aalia.oosman at<mailto:aalia.oosman at><>


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