Torrents and public PCs

Jim Gilbert(WTPL) gilbert.j at WHITEHALLPL.ORG
Wed May 28 11:45:45 EDT 2014

We have yet to receive a notice.

We do not block on our public PCs.
I block peer-to-peer via our firewall for our public wireless access, however no peer-to-peer torrent downloading software is installed

I am not sure if a 3rd party service (bitlet, etc) would show a library IP as the requestor or website IP.

Hope this helps.

James Gilbert, BS, MLIS
Systems Librarian
Whitehall Township Public Library
3700 Mechanicsville Road
Whitehall, PA 18052
610-432-4339 ext: 203

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*apologies for cross posting*

Are any libraries blocking access to torrent files or torrent sites due to ISP pressure or compliance requests from movie companies?

Is there a standard response to these complaints that other libraries are willing to share?

Jennifer Maguire-Wright
Special Projects Director
Information Technology
Free Library of Philadelphia
wrightj at<mailto:wrightj at>


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