Hosting Services: Dedicated? VPS? Own?

Roy Tennant roytennant at GMAIL.COM
Sat May 10 14:48:31 EDT 2014

The following is posted on behalf of Jorge Biquez <jbiquez at>.

Hello all.

I was wondering how you have your services working?
I know some of you work in large organizations with on "unlimited"
budget! but how are they working? I mean. One central mainframe?
Cloud servers? Cluster of servers online?

Maybe some of you can not comment at all since it is private information.

I ask this since we are thinking of having some services in VPS or
small dedicated servers. Not in a cluster or in a cloud, yet, but
with some resources shared between them.

BY the way, if you have worked for personal projects or the ones of
your work with a good VPS or dedicated server provider please share
the link of them.

Have a great day.

Jorge Biquez


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