EZProxy Scenario

Wed Jan 15 11:27:32 EST 2014

I could use some sage advice on how to respond to the following scenario:

A small community college purchases EZProxy to enable users to access databases outside of the library.  Once paid for and available for use, management decides that the EZProxy server url will be added to database links on a single webpage called "Offsite database access".  Any other references to databases on the library webpages will not have the EZProxy server url because management does not want to overload the EZProxy server by having every link go through EZProxy. 

After a year, the college web technician tells management that he can bypass EZProxy all together and the library can discontinue its use.  He will provide authentication through the college intranet.  Students will need to sign in to the college "portal" (or intranet) then access the library website.  The technician explains that the sign in will cause the students IP address to show up as the college thereby allowing access to the databases.

I'm in a precarious position and need some advice on the above scenarios.  I'm hoping that you have run into a situations like these and can advise me on either arguments for or against these situations.  


Trista Nelson, Library Clerk
Glen Oaks Community College
62249 Shimmel Rd.
Centreville, MI 49032
(269) 294-4293


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