Cites & Insights May 2014 (14:5) available

Walt Crawford waltcrawford at GMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 2 16:04:53 EDT 2014

The May 2014 Cites & Insights (14:5) is now available for downloading.

You'll find it at for the
34-page print-oriented two-column version

or at for the 65-page 6x9
online/tablet-oriented single-column version.

The issue includes two essays:

Ethics and Access 2: The So-Called Sting (pp. 1-20)

John Bohannon wrote a news article in Science that either shows that
many open access journals with APC charges have sloppy (or no) peer
review...or shows almost nothing at all. This story discusses the
article itself, offers a number of responses to it--and then adds
something I don't believe you'll find anywhere else: A
journal-by-journal test of whether the journals involved would pass a
naive three-minute sniff test as to whether they were plausible
targets for article submissions without lots of additional checking.
Is this really a problem involving a majority of hundreds of
journals--or maybe one involving 27% (that is, 17) of 62 journals?
Read the story; make up your own mind.

Future Libraries: A Roundup (pp. 21-34)

Pretty much what the title suggests--not a sequel to a
nineteen-year-old book I coauthored, but a roundup of some thoughts
from other folks.

A note on formatting
I believe I've solved the "emphasis added" problem--that bolded
material within quoted passages should now actually appear bolded. In
the process, I've also cut the download size (and presumably time)
considerably, especially for the print-oriented issue. I've
retroactively done the same for all 2014 issues; let me know if you
see problems.


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