WiFi Problems

Kern Mann kern.mann at RPL.LIB.NH.US
Wed Nov 7 10:48:10 EST 2012

Is it possible that this is a wireless N issue?  I've seen it with newer 
PC's (not Mac yet).  The solution I've used for these problems is to 
turn off power management of the wireless card.  Device Manger>  Network 
Adaptors> Your Wireless Card> Properties> Power Management tab> Allow 
the computer to turn off this device to save power.  Uncheck the box.

I hope this also helps with your issue!



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On 11/7/2012 10:11 AM, Murphy, Michael P. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a Technology Services Librarian at a public library in 
> Connecticut, and I am experiencing some bizarre WiFi issues that I’m 
> hoping you could shed some light on for me. In short, our library 
> recently purchased a Cisco WiFi router after our previous one gave out 
> (it is used only for public access), and for the most part it works 
> fine, except that some users, specifically Apple users (including Ipad 
> and Macbooks) and those using Windows 7 (but not all of them?) cannot 
> receive internet access (but they CAN to the router) without me 
> resetting the router. Once I reset the router they are good to go from 
> then on out. I have experienced no issues whatsoever with those using 
> Windows XP and Vista, and my Android devices work just fine. I’m 
> totally perplexed. Any ideas?
> -Mike
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