Joomla or Drupal for Intranet

Wong, Channing CWong at MARINCOUNTY.ORG
Tue Jun 26 15:34:05 EDT 2012

Our library went with an outside vendor peddling a Drupal solution.  If you have PHP and MySQL programming experience, Drupal is a very powerful and extensible platform.

If you or the person signing off on the project does not have at minimum a good understanding web applications and Linux servers, I would think twice.  With poor coding that can lead to out of control memory usage, which will lead to stability issues.  Do extensive due diligence when selecting a vendor and make sure your agreement includes some type of SLA otherwise they'll nickel and dime you at any hint of ignorance.

If you are looking for a free and open source Intranet, I'd rather look at Alfresco Community Edition.  It has a LGPL license, seems more mature and feature rich Intranet solution out of the box which can also integrate AD.  As a LLP I'm guessing you're a Law Firm or Accountancy, so you may have regulatory data retention or tracking requirements.  You might also need to take that into your consideration.

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TSS or something



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We are looking to migrate our intranet from a clunky, custom platform to a CMS. The two top runners right now are Joomla and Drupal. I know that both support Active Directory, but I am wondering if anyone has used either to integrate with other systems. Specifically I would like to integrate with our document management system and our time and billing system.

I do plan on doing these integrations right, but want to know that the functionality is there when we are ready. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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