Options for helping patrons via screen sharing

Ann Johnston ajohnsto at OLIVET.EDU
Tue Jul 24 12:58:18 EDT 2012

We use free version of Join Me and it works great.

On 7/19/12 10:44 AM, "Jonathan Bloy" <JBloy at EDGEWOOD.EDU> wrote:

>For a while now, my library has been using Skype to offer reference help
>and we're looking into other methods for doing reference that would
>involve screen sharing.  Something like GoToMeeting is appealing to us
>because the patron doesn't have to install software on their end.
>We were wondering what products other libraries are using to offer screen
>sharing reference help?
>Jonathan Bloy
>Librarian, Head of Digital Initiatives
>Edgewood College
>Madison, Wisconsin
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