[Web4lib] OT. Duplicating Disk.

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at icsmx.com
Tue Sep 28 07:07:37 EDT 2010

Hello all.

This is kind off topic.

U have and "old" laptopn, an Acer Travelmate 4670. It has a sata 
disk, 120Gb. It has been working fine in all these years. I have 
installed Freebsd with its boot manager and inside has Windows and a 
distro linux. I choose what OS to use depending on my needs every 
time I boot. The SATA interface is smaller, since it is a disk of 2.5 
inches and it is a disk for a laptop

I have decided to give it fresh air and I bought a disk of 500GB. 
Instead of installing everything again I would like to duplicate 
entire disk, as is, with its MBR and all partitions for all the 
different OS's. I bought an USB enclosure that is working fine. The 
machine recognice the new disk if I attach it as a USB disk (in all 
OS no problem on that). As a test also I decided to change disks and 
install somethig, no problem at all.

My question is. What would be your advice on what tool to use to 
duplicate entire disk? (the adjust of size for the partitions of each 
different OS can be done later, no problem I guess).

  I was recommend to use DiskImageXML, booting alone and copy the 
disk but it does not work. Not yet.

I guess the problem is that the original disk still has a 4Gb 
partition with all the Acer tools , the first partition, to recover 
teh Windows XP origibal system (type or partition EISA). Not sure on 
that but that program is not working. I receive an error when booting.
On my desktop I used to use old Norton Ghost 2003 with my IDE disk 
and still work fine, but here does not work at all since the USB 
ports are not recognized.

Do you know of a program tool that can be used that boot alone, free 
if possible or cheap, that let me copy entire disk, as is, that do the job?

I am sorry for the kind of off topic and thanks in advance

Jorge Biquez

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