[Web4lib] OT. Duplicating Disk.

R. Wood rw at ncf.ca
Mon Sep 27 23:55:44 EDT 2010

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 10:05:52PM -0500, Jorge Biquez stated:
> Hello
> Just curious.... the entire disk? I have read the man pages for dd  
> command under Freebsd and I am not sure if I can clone the disk  
> completely, even the eisa partition....
> Thanks for the time and advice.
> Jorge Biquez

'dd' can be used to clone one HD to another, provided the latter is
same size or larger than the former.

'Clonezilla' would probably be well worth investigating.

If you feel you must travel the forbidden roads of DYI, then this is
where I started when trying this 'dd' based cloning HOWTO myself:

Amazingly, it actually worked perfectly, although I had to adapt some
details as I was migrating linux->linux, unlike the article.  

Finally, watch out for any possible 'GRUB' gotchas -- you want to be
able to boot from the new disk  :-)

Have Fun with GNU/Linux,

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