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On 09/28/2010 06:07 AM, Jorge Biquez wrote:
> Hello all.
> This is kind off topic.
> U have and "old" laptopn, an Acer Travelmate 4670. It has a sata disk,
> 120Gb. It has been working fine in all these years. I have installed
> Freebsd with its boot manager and inside has Windows and a distro linux.
> I choose what OS to use depending on my needs every time I boot. The
> SATA interface is smaller, since it is a disk of 2.5 inches and it is a
> disk for a laptop
> I have decided to give it fresh air and I bought a disk of 500GB.
> Instead of installing everything again I would like to duplicate entire
> disk, as is, with its MBR and all partitions for all the different OS's.
> I bought an USB enclosure that is working fine. The machine recognice
> the new disk if I attach it as a USB disk (in all OS no problem on
> that). As a test also I decided to change disks and install somethig, no
> problem at all.
> My question is. What would be your advice on what tool to use to
> duplicate entire disk? (the adjust of size for the partitions of each
> different OS can be done later, no problem I guess).
> I was recommend to use DiskImageXML, booting alone and copy the disk but
> it does not work. Not yet.
> I guess the problem is that the original disk still has a 4Gb partition
> with all the Acer tools , the first partition, to recover teh Windows XP
> origibal system (type or partition EISA). Not sure on that but that
> program is not working. I receive an error when booting.
> On my desktop I used to use old Norton Ghost 2003 with my IDE disk and
> still work fine, but here does not work at all since the USB ports are
> not recognized.
> Do you know of a program tool that can be used that boot alone, free if
> possible or cheap, that let me copy entire disk, as is, that do the job?
> I am sorry for the kind of off topic and thanks in advance
> Jorge Biquez
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