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Andy Boze Boze.1 at nd.edu
Fri Sep 10 12:10:21 EDT 2010

Cross-posted; apologies for duplication.

Hello friends,

The September 2010 issue of /Information Technology and Libraries/ 
(ITAL), LITA's peer-reviewed quarterly journal, is online and accessible 
to all LITA members. Issues older than six months are open to all. 
ITAL's main page is at 

ITALica <http://ital-ica.blogspot.com/>, the weblog discussion area for 
ITAL, has been updated with information about the latest issue. ITALica 
features supplementary materials not included with the regular print and 
electronic versions of /Information Technology and Libraries/, such as 
"letters to the editor", updates to articles, and other materials we 
can't work into the journal. One of the most important features of 
ITALica is a forum for readers' conversations with our authors, wherein 
authors host and monitor discussion for a period of time after 
publication of their articles, so that you then have a chance to 
interact with them.

ITALica offers you the opportunity to discuss with the following ITAL 
authors their papers in the latest issue:

"Metadata Creation Practices in Digital Repositories and Collections: 
Schemata, Selection Criteria, and Interoperability" /
Jung-ran Park and Yuji Tosaka

"Batch Loading Collections into DSpace: Using Perl Scripts for 
Automation and Quality Control" /
Maureen P. Walsh

"Authentication and Access: Accommodating Public Users in an Academic 
World" /
Lynne Weber and Peg Lawrence

"The Next Generation Library Catalog: A Comparative Study of the OPACs 
of Koha, Evergreen, and Voyager" /
Sharon Q. Yang and Melissa A. Hofmann

"TUTORIAL: Are Your Digital Documents Web Friendly?: Making Scanned 
Documents Web Accessible" /
Yongli Zhou

No membership is required to view or participate in ITALica. We hope to 
see you there!

Andy Boze
Web site Manager, ITAL, for the Editorial Board

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