[Web4lib] non-programmer databases in the cloud

Francis Kayiwa kayiwa at uic.edu
Mon Dec 27 17:38:37 EST 2010

On Dec 22, 2010, at 2:37 PM, Cindy Harper wrote:

> Hi all - I'm wondering if any of you can point me to sites/hosting
> services/technologies in the cloud that would allow our librarians, some of
> whom have FileMaker Pro experience, to create their own databases in the
> cloud, and (with the help of technical staff)
>              - use some sort of CAS or other authentication method to
> authenticate and authorize individual users, preferably against our campus
> AD,
>              - script simple logic and actions such as "this choice
> redirects to this page",
>              - stores the answers to choices/questions in an accessible
> datastore,
>              - permits the user to see only his own rows in the table, or
> his own group of data,
>              - is as simple for the librarian/database creator as possible
> (could be more work for systems admin).
> Since our campus is on Google Apps, it may be there is more capability with
> Google Sites than I know of.

You just desribed DabbleDB :-)

Until Twitter acquired them I would have recommended DabbleDB


My recommendation is only tempered by not knowing if they will still be offering this service. A search of "DabbleDB alternatives" on your preferred engine will likely lead you to comparable alternatives. 


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