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Heller, Margaret mheller at dom.edu
Mon Dec 27 17:04:18 EST 2010

I have used Zoho Creator quite successfully for some, but not all, the features you need. We have one user account that is shared by all the librarians, but it is possible to have more than one user. I use it for web forms where several people need to see and edit the data collected--makes a nice looking web app very quickly. I think you have more sophisticated access controls the more you pay.

Margaret Heller
Web Services Librarian
Rebecca Crown Library
Dominican University

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Hi all - I'm wondering if any of you can point me to sites/hosting
services/technologies in the cloud that would allow our librarians, some of
whom have FileMaker Pro experience, to create their own databases in the
cloud, and (with the help of technical staff)
              - use some sort of CAS or other authentication method to
authenticate and authorize individual users, preferably against our campus
              - script simple logic and actions such as "this choice
redirects to this page",
              - stores the answers to choices/questions in an accessible
              - permits the user to see only his own rows in the table, or
his own group of data,
              - is as simple for the librarian/database creator as possible
(could be more work for systems admin).

Since our campus is on Google Apps, it may be there is more capability with
Google Sites than I know of.

Cindy Harper, Systems Librarian
Colgate University Libraries
charper at colgate.edu
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