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Cloutman, David DCloutman at co.marin.ca.us
Wed Sep 3 16:56:40 EDT 2008

I think there may be issues surrounding the JavaScript implementation.
>From Google's explanation, I extrapolated that the browser does just in
time compilation of JavaScript into bytecode (much like Servlet
containers do with JSP). This may mean that over the long run a piece of
JavaScript will run faster, but when it is initially loaded, it must be
compiled. In the case of Gmail, there may be significant chunks of
JavaScript that must first be converted to bytecode before execution can
take place, which might explain the lag you experienced. I noticed that
when I ran the browser through the Acid 3 test, there was a significant
lag time between the page load and the execution of the scripting. (Over
a minute!) I almost gave up, but it eventually executed. 

Of course, all of this is just speculation, based upon what I read in
the Google comic and observed as an end user. I have no inside knowledge
of how the browser actually works, though I'm sure some intrepid C++
programmer is eventually going to read the source code and explain the
internals to the rest of us.

David Cloutman <dcloutman at co.marin.ca.us>
Electronic Services Librarian
Marin County Free Library 

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I downloaded Chrome on my home computer last night and played with it
awhile. It worked very well with a variety of Google apps, but I did
some lag time in rendering Picasa images. I liked the feel of the
though, and used it for a couple of hours of pointless surfing.

I did run into a problem, later on. I left the browser up to see what my
wife would think when she was checking her email. After a couple of
she complained that it was hanging up on Gmail, and then suddenly asked,
this a new browser?" When I filled her in, she told me she didn't much
for it. So I suppose that counts as a split vote for us.

Rob Amend
Reference Librarian
rob.amend at gmail.com

On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 3:41 PM, David Kemper <siansleep at gmail.com>

> I installed Google Chrome and I am enjoying the experience. The
> browser is light-weight, nimble but lacks the bells and whistles one
> would expect from a browser. But I suspect this is done by design and
> for a reason.
> I agree with Bill. As he wrote, "If someone uses exclusively web based
> programs such a Google Docs and others, Google Chrome is the perfect
> browser."
> I think this is Google's master plan: host apps and services on the
> web exclusively - and Google Chrome is designed specifically for that.
> Need a RSS reader? The plan here, I feel, is to use Google Reader,
> which runs very smoothly in Chrome.
> I'd like to hear more comments on your early testing and experiences
> with Chrome.
> David
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