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Tom Keays tomkeays at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 12:19:51 EDT 2008

I've heard that the CMS / blogging platform, TextPattern, is fairly
immune to spam and hacking -- the former because all comments have to
be previewed before submitting, and the bots seemingly aren't equipped
to handle that, and the latter simply because it is relatively
uncommon and, therefore, off the hacker radar (for now). It has lower
server requirements than the recent versions of Drupal: PHP 4.3+ and
MySQL 3.23+ . It has a reputation as being a stable CMS and apparently
is used on a number of higher profile sites.



On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 7:24 AM, Blake Carver <lists at lisnews.com> wrote:
> David has some really good points, though assuming you're on a decent
>  server the load issues shouldn't come up most days. It takes quite a
>  busy site (at least 50,000 pages, 200,000 hits a day) to really make a
>  noticeable difference on a mid sized server from what I've seen. So
>  unless you have a really busy site I don't think you need to worry
>  about too much traffic. There are of course a million other variables
>  to can cause troubles...
>  Like the spammers. Drupal, Wordpress, etc. attract them like you
>  wouldn't believe. Running things like mod_security on the server and
>  all the plugins/modules available help quite a bit. At least you won't
>  see the comments show up, but I see huge load spikes beacause of bots
>  that attempt to leave thousands of comments all at once.
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>  On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 5:13 PM, Cloutman, David
>  <DCloutman at co.marin.ca.us> wrote:
>  > Without knowing anything about your organization, and the amount of
>  > traffic you get, I think it isn't really possible to give great advice
>  > for you. You need to figure our what kind of hosting is appropriate for
>  > you, as there are different options with different costs and benefits.
>  >
>  > The amount of traffic you'll get I think is a big consideration in
>  > choosing a solution. If you're considering shared hosting, you should
>  > think it through before making a committment. Running a CMS like Drupal
>  > may create some scalability issues when you move your site from beta
>  > testing to actual usage. In a shared environment, you are really at the
>  > mercy of the hosting company, and you can only hope that they haven't
>  > put you on a machine that isn't alreay over utilized. A CMS powered site
>  > is going to require larger amounts of computing power than a flat HTML
>  > site. So really, you need to make some guess as to both the amount of
>  > traffic you'll be getting and the computing demands of the functionality
>  > you'll be offering through your Drupal-based solution. Then you can make
>  > an initial decision about whether you need dedicated hosting, or if a
>  > shared solution a good fit.
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