[Web4lib] Re: Drupal Hosting

Mark Jordan mjordan at sfu.ca
Thu Mar 27 14:21:35 EDT 2008

Blake Carver wrote:
> Like the spammers. Drupal, Wordpress, etc. attract them like you
> wouldn't believe. Running things like mod_security on the server and
> all the plugins/modules available help quite a bit. At least you won't
> see the comments show up, but I see huge load spikes beacause of bots
> that attempt to leave thousands of comments all at once.

The more popular the application, the higher a target it is for spammers 
and crackers. However, just to clarify how this relates to Drupal, the 
Drupal security team is among the best in the open source business and 
respond promptly to security isses, and the CAPTCHA module eliminates 
comment spam. Of course, CAPTCHA can't keep out humans posting about 
casinos, and once CAPTCHA is cracked it won't keep out spambots, but 
until then it is doing an excellent job. I run CAPTCHA on four drupal 
sites and we don't have any anonymous comment spam.

Traffic spikes are an issue -- the server has to respond in order to 
turn a spambot away.


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