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Mark Ellis mark.ellis at yourlibrary.ca
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If Audible were to add expiration to their DRM scheme, they could be back in
the library market and cross platform to boot, but I assume they have their
reasons for choosing not to--content licensing issues perhaps?

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Well, it must be possible to work out some kind of deal because Audible.com
offers DRM'd content for the iPod.



Hankinson, Andrew wrote:
> As it stands now, yes, it is highly unfortunate that Apple does not 
> allow 3rd-Parties to use their DRM system, but I think that is more a 
> reaction of a threat to their core hardware business rather than 
> anything malicious.  If they did open up Fairplay, someone would come 
> along and make a cheaper "iPod", use up Apple resources in the 
> software (iTunes / iTMS), and Apple would be facing the same situation 
> they faced in the 90's with the Clone makers - everyone uses their 
> software, but their system depends on them making money on the hardware.
> The new reality of the popularity of the iPod as a ubiquitous media 
> player was something that nobody (not even Apple!) really saw coming.
> (They've even integrated them with running shoes!!! -
> http://www.apple.com/ipod/nike/) I'm therefore not surprised that they 
> seem to be taking the process of opening up to 3rd parties very slowly.

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