[Web4lib] Online "poster" tool for non-tech savvy faculty?

K.G. Schneider kgs at bluehighways.com
Wed May 3 17:18:54 EDT 2006

> and other projects. Basically a content management tool. Faculty here
> are a range of tech savvy, with most not very.... and most
> are not really interested in spending time & effort on coding. However I
> have enough hand coding & css experience to set up a nice template for
> them, which it would be great for them to be able to then customize with
> colors, images, etc. The caveat is that ideally the tool needs to be
> free or very low cost.
> I thought about using a blogtool, but having an entry format with the
> posting times are not going to work for what we have in mind.

Somewhere I've read about blog software organized other than
chronologically, but I am baffled where that was.

Meanwhile, would a wiki work?

Karen G. "How much work would a wiki work if a wiki would work work..."
kgs at bluehighways.com 

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