[Web4lib] Online "poster" tool for non-tech savvy faculty?

robin rboulton at linc.lib.il.us
Wed May 3 16:22:14 EDT 2006

This is a long shot and it's hard for me to tell how close it might come,
but you might want to investigate Nextaris (http://www.nextaris.com/).
Faculty could share a login and password.

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I'm passing on this query from someone off-list:

I'm the Instructional Design Specialist at LaGuardia Community College. We
need an easy-to-use poster tool where faculty can post their research
and other projects. Basically a content management tool. Faculty here
are a range of tech savvy, with most not very.... and most
are not really interested in spending time & effort on coding. However I
have enough hand coding & css experience to set up a nice template for
them, which it would be great for them to be able to then customize with
colors, images, etc. The caveat is that ideally the tool needs to be
free or very low cost.

I thought about using a blogtool, but having an entry format with the
posting times are not going to work for what we have in mind.

I have suggested that she try customizing a blog template to downplay the
time/date stamped nature of a blog entry. I have also mentioned Google Pages
<http://pages.google.com/> as a simple WYSIWYG web page creation tool. But I
wonder if there is something better for her purposes out there?

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