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Richard L. Goerwitz III Richard at Goerwitz.com
Thu Sep 26 13:48:00 EDT 2002

DCammack at Loeb.com wrote:

 > I have found that both Zope and Plone have limited, if any,
 > documentation and aren't easily customized.

It would be interesting to hear what you based your conclusions on.

Documentation is plentiful for Zope, although not organized the way
a traditional 'manual' would be organized.  There is even a Zope book
out, although it is somewhat out of date now (you can print the new
version out, if you like hardcopy).

As for customization, I'd really like to know what you want Zope to
do.  Zope is extremely customizable.  It's essentially an applications
server, with a lot of built-in facilities that you can either use, or
not use.

A lot of whether you find Zope useful or not depends on whether you
are accustomed to working with static web pages--or whether you work
mainly with web 'applications', and know something about the main
web applications programming languages (PHP, Perl, Python, Java,
etc.).  Zope is Python-based.

Its Perl integration module is not vigorously maintained, sadly, al-
though Zope's Perl integration facilities are often touted as a major
feature.  You really have to do Python if you want to work with Zope.


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