[WEB4LIB] commercial watermarking products

Elizabeth McKenty mckentye at library.phila.gov
Wed Feb 24 16:51:45 EST 1999

There was a substantial discussion of this on the VRA-L listserv (Visual
Resources Association) earlier this year. I believe their list is
archived at reference.com, but I'm on the wrong computer to check that
right now! In any case, you could also post to that list for good
Elizabeth McKenty
Free Library of Philadelphia 
mckentye at library.phila.gov
> I've searched through the list archives for previous postings on
> digital watermarking of images, but didn't find any posts which
> specifically addressed an archive/library's experience using a
> commercial product such as DigiMarc, PixelTag, etc. and what led them
> to choose said product. (I've also checked out  articles by Peter
> Cassidy, Doug Isenberg and Richard Wiggins available through
> webreference.com)...

> Sheila McAlister
> Electronic Access Coordinator
> Richard B. Russell Library
> University of Georgia Libraries
> mcalists at libris.libs.uga.edu

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