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Luc Grondin grondin.luc at uqam.ca
Thu Feb 25 11:45:07 EST 1999

At 14:08 99-02-24 -0800, Julie Castelluzzo wrote :
>Here's the cite for one I selected for our library collection. Haven't
>taken a close look at it yet, but it got rave reviews:
>The XML handbook / Charles F. Goldfarb, Paul Prescod  (Upper Saddle River,
>NJ : Prentice Hall PTR, c1998.)
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Well, not all reviews are that good.  See for example from Amazon:
alain.nadeau at unifr.ch from Switzerland , February 22, 1999  
An extremely disappointing book 
One would have expected much more from the creator of SGML. As it stands,
this book is a mere collection of "case studies" which in fact constitute
little more than uncritical advertisement for the makers of fairly
expensive products [...]

There are a few other reviews that also cooled me off from getting that
book.  Better have a look at it before buying it.


>On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Ken McCracken wrote:
>> What would be a good XML book to buy? I'd like something that looks at the
>> conceptual way that XML can be used for web applications and also is
>> fairly practical. I've been looking at a few and so far the "XML Black
>> Book" is looking like the one I might go for although I like the diagrams
>> in the Prentice-Hall book on XML Applications.
>> Ken McCracken
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