[WEB4LIB] Redirect html->cgi?

TMGB bennettt at am.appstate.edu
Wed Feb 24 10:15:16 EST 1999

This is in reference to the Back Button problem mentioned by Thomas

In Navigator you can use the ALT button along with the left arrow button
to get back past a 0 refresh setting.  Sometimes this will take you 2 or
3 pages back if you hit the arrow key fast enough.  I don't know if
other browsers on Windows or other OSs can do this similarly or not. 
Also, I feel certain a lot of users don't pay attention or are aware of
keyboard short cuts and their advantages sometimes.  And, this is not a
fix to a user unfriendly redirecting web page although I have used this
type of refresh myself in the past but only on a temporary basis each
time.  I think the server redirect doesn't do this to the user.


lydia wrote:
> Has anyone attempted to redirect users from a single html page to a
> single cgi script? Can it be done? (We're running Apache 1.3 on
> Solaris.)
> I've tried out the intuitively obvious theories already, with these
> results:
> 1. symlink from "moveme.html" to "moved.cgi" --
>    The link works fine, but the webserver displays the destination
>    file as html, rather than handling it as a cgi script.
> 2. ScriptAlias from httpd.conf --
>    ("ScriptAlias /path/moveme.html /path/moved.cgi")
>    I had a theory that it would be possible to tell the server that
>    in this single instance, it could execute an html document as cgi.
>    Since ScriptAlias is designed to specify an entire directory,
>    rather than a single filename, it's unsurprising that this just
>    returns our 404 error message.
> 2. Redirect from httpd.conf --
>    ("Redirect /path/moveme.html http://server.foo.edu/moved.cgi")
>    Of course, ScriptAlias is also designed to work with entire
>    directories--so this is essentially the same solution as the symlink.
> It begins to seem like I'm just requesting functionality that can't
> exist. Any intrepid souls out there already faced this?
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