[WEB4LIB] Re: Fonts and zoom utilities (Re: Re: Web/ADA/uh oh...)

Chris Lott chrisl at muskox.alaska.edu
Mon Nov 16 13:49:37 EST 1998

>Let's think about this... how can one type of fonting be good for
>online and one for offline? Remember some monitors now have better
>resolution than even printed materials so that argument doesn't wash
>right? Logic dictates that a certain type typography for either digital
>print would be the correct choice.

Considering that the general minimum of decent print is 300 dpi-- and most
often higher when it comes to such discussions-- and the vast majority of
monitors 72-96 dpi, then it stands to reason that there is a distinct
difference in typography between the two.

If and when the higher resolutions you speak of become commonplace, it is
likely that that divergence will no longer be necessary. Until then,
designing in the same way for print and screen readability is a fool's
game. This explains as well, imo, the divergence between your friend's
studies wrt on-screen reading and the large body of studies wrt print

But let's face it: the most common barrier to readability and useability
are not the font choices, but the plethora of other bad design choices.

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