A new Webbed OPAC

jcort at main.bib.uia.ac.be jcort at main.bib.uia.ac.be
Fri Sep 15 13:06:32 EDT 1995

>From now on the catalogues offered by the VUBIS-Antwerpen 
library network in Belgium are accessible directly
through the World Wide Web.  The new WWW catalogue offers 
important additional benefits for the end user: 

- hypertext navigation: 
  . jumping from a retrieved item to other items of the 
    same subject; 
  . jumping to other books published within the same series; 
  . jumping to other books written by the same author; 
  . jumping to a context sensitive help screen presented 
    to the user as a hypertext book; 
- support display of special charaters (d, h i, ...); 
- provide extensive download options directly to the 
  end user's email address or through FTP.

Point your browser to http://www.ua.ac.be/WWWOPAC/wwwopac.html 
- search the catalogues;
- read more about the design and development;
- fill in a small evaluation form.

We hope you enjoy using the WWW catalogue. 

Special thanks to Richard Philips, Marc Jeurissen and
Peter Van Landegem

Jan Corthouts
University of Antwerp
PB 13
B-2610 Antwerp

jcort at lib.uia.ac.be

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