Librarians in media again

Elisabeth Roche ace at Opus1.COM
Wed Sep 20 01:55:39 EDT 1995

WEb4lib may not be the correct list for this query, but I seem to have
dropped off of libref, or they aren't
posting too many messages or something.

I remember people asking for librarians in media, and probably missed this
thread altogether,

Does the new Saturn commercial with "Helen" the librarian, sitting "shhhhh"
inside the oh so quiet
Saturn, use the real librarian from NC?

If not, she still has a greying bun, is rather chubett(like I'm not!) but
she wears glasses and I don'T!!!!

Elisabeth Roche ace at

if it is really the librarian from that town in NC (or SC) then more power
to her, she's a celebrity.
Otherwise, she's a cliche!


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