question about ftp

Elisabeth Roche ace at Opus1.COM
Wed Sep 20 02:38:39 EDT 1995

I am not sure proxy is the exactly the correct term. You need to have
installed an ftp client server, I believe is
the term. They should be easy enough to find.

The best site for all the winsocks etc, every program that runs on it, and
more to boot is

It was always ftp to me before, as in ftp

But their web site is a beauty to behold, padded tables, the kind of site I
wish everyone was trying out.
And organized nicely too!!

So, if my http didn't work, it's easy to find, go to

but papa is so good to us!

(No affiliation, just a happy papa child.<ggg.)

Elisabeth Roche ace at

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>I have just set up a workstation for student use of the www via netscape.
>Formerly I have worked with slip/ppp connections via 28.8 modems and isdn.
>Now I have finally been given permission from our computer center to run
>the web via the network.  For some reason I cannot access any ftp sites.
>get I have no trouble with http.  I can also use a separate ftp program
>on the machine and I am able to download successfully.
>Does anyone have any suggestions
>Amy Lewontin
>Library Instruction Coordinator
>Bentley College
>alewontin at

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