Security Hole In Netscape's Web Server?

Edward Spodick, HKUST Library, 2358-6743 lbspodic at
Tue Sep 19 21:50:17 EDT 1995

At 6:20 PM 19/9/95, Richard Rinehart wrote: >>
>I think it's also the case that secure software they sell to people outside
>the US is not quite as secure as that sold in the US, because of American
>export law which views hard encryption software as a form of "munitions"
>(see the controversy over PGP). Whether the software is just less secure,
>or they use different methods of securing foreign software, I'm not sure.

As far as I have been able to determine here in Hong Kong, the versions
of Netscape available overseas are not just less secure, but have no
security features at all.  I could have brought one with me from the US, as
a US
citizen, but I would probably still be classified as an arms dealer if I
did so - especially if I let anyone else even see it.  I toyed with the
idea of ordering that t-shirt for sale on the net, that has an RSA algorithm
on it.  But I don't want to go to jail, or have my local visa revoked under
pressure from the US gov't.  After all, the way the law works, if you wear
the t-shirt in the presence of a foreign national, you have broken the law,
you arms dealer you!

Oops - I went on a bit there.  Sorry about that, I am just frustrated that
I am unable to take advantage of the growing services on the net
(bookstores, computer shopping, etc.)  The US is certainly losing some
business due to
its policies.

<rant mode off>

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