Why disable access to software features?

Ilene Frank (REF) ifrank at dudley.lib.usf.edu
Thu Nov 2 15:53:07 EST 1995

We've just put 14 PCs out on the Reference floor a few weeks ago. They
have Netscape, Mosaic, gopher, our on-line catalog, and GPO WAIS.  AND at
first they all had telnet.  What that meant was 14 PCs being used for IRC. 
We cut the number of terminals with telnet-accessibility down to 5.  Now
there are FIVE terminals being used to telnet to student accounts in order
to use IRC, email, etc.  

RE: Netscape.  We had a problem with patron(s?) sending anonymous postings
of a virulently racist nature.  What to do?  The systems people decided to
disable telnet.  This goes against the grain as Eric said, doesn't it? So 
does policing the use of those 14 terminals!  They are out there in 
the open just sitting there...  We're still grappling with this policy 

Ilene Frank, ifrank at lib.usf.edu
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On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> Remind me why we, as librarians, would like to disable access to some of the
> software's features. I thought librarians were interested in free and equal
> access to information?
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