Why disable access to software features?

Jim DeArmey dearmeyj at nitnoi.howa.lib.md.us
Thu Nov 2 16:13:48 EST 1995

I believe that most librarians are dedicated to providing free access to
information and that all of them should be.  I'm not so zealous about
providing free access to our computers' hard disk contents and
configuration files!  I would like to be able to run Netscape in a Kiosk
mode which allows users to go anywhere they want on the Internet but
disables their access to the configuration of the software or the computer

I hope that's where this thread is leading.

Jim DeArmey
Electronic Resources Manager
Howard County Library (MD)

(Hi, Eric.  Remember me from Drexel?)

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:

> > I too am interested in learning how to use Netscape (on Macs) in a kiosk
> > mode. It would be wonderful to disable access to the menu (or most of the
> > menu). This is conjunction with AtEase would make the whole lash-up more
> > robust.
> Remind me why we, as librarians, would like to disable access to some of the
> software's features. I thought librarians were interested in free and equal
> access to information?
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