[Web4lib] Code4lib 2008 Minority Scholarship

Robert L. Balliot rballiot at oceanstatelibrarian.com
Tue Dec 18 10:30:03 EST 2007

Calling someone's statement 'knee jerk' and divisive
whilst employing the emotional/religious reference to
Christmas for effect is quite a spin.

Ho, ho, ho :)

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Although I am sure Mike's email was "written from the best of motives,"
frankly  I don't understand how anyone quoting the great Mr Shankly in his
email can begrudge someone taking whatever advantage they can to get ahead.
And frankly, why bother starting a potentially divisive thread the week
before Christmas by tossing out a knee jerk statement like that? Do you
really want to get into a discussion of economics and race? yeesh.

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