[Web4lib] Meebo and Trillian integration?

Brian Lind blind at rochester.lib.mn.us
Tue Dec 18 10:17:28 EST 2007

We are looking at putting the Meebo widget on our home page to enable
anyone (especially those without IM accounts) to IM the reference desk.
Currently we use Trillian for IM and can see an incoming IM from
multiple computer locations at once. This does not seem to be the case
with Meebo on its own.
First, is there a way to integrate Meebo (or a similar service) into
our existing Trillian setup so that we can just treat it as an
additional account and continue to use Trillian? 
If that isn't possible, does anyone have an existing IM setup that

IMs from people who do not have an IM account
Alerts/Responses from multiple computers at once
Usage stats/records
Ability to keep transcripts
Brian J. Lind
Librarian I
Rochester Public Library
101 Second St. SE
Rochester, MN 55904

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