[Web4lib] Re: Joomla users?

Ron Gillies rgillies at lloydminster.lib.sk.ca
Thu Nov 30 13:36:20 EST 2006

Laurie Isenberg wrote:

>> Hi.  We are considering using Joomla to rebuild our site.  Plone is our
>> second choice.  I've heard a lot about Plone, but not much about Joomla.  Are
>> there any Joomla users out there, satisfied or dissatisfied?  I'd love to
>> hear from you.

We've been using Joomla (and Mambo, the predecessor for Joomla) on our 
website since 2003.

Our experience has been good although a bit of background with Linux and 
mySql/PHP helps when
problems arise. Version 1.5 is out in beta and appears to be a good 
solid upgrade in the software.

If you have specific questions let me know here or off-list

Ron Gillies
Head Librarian
Lloydminster Public Library


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