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Phillip Whitford PWhitford at Braswell-Library.org
Tue Nov 14 12:15:27 EST 2006

We set one of those up early this year. We wall mounted a plasma screen
and connected a networked PC to it. The PC is located behind the wall in
a closet.  The 42" screen is a little above an adults eye level so it
isn't within reach of curious fingers. I access the PC remotely using
VNC to change the content.  We looked at a variety of equipment out
there from simple text displays units to dedicated units that could
handle graphics and other types of multimedia files. We decided on a
networked PC for the flexibility it offers.  We can run PowerPoint
shows, show media files, connect to web sites to promote them, our
catalog, data bases, whatever we can display on a PC. We installed a TV
card in the PC so we could even display a news or weather channel in
case of an emergency. 

Our system doesn't update its content automatically but since it is just
a PC any number of our staff can change it if need be.  Plus staff can
create their own content. On those rare occasions when there isn't any
content to display we purchased one of those vivid looking aquarium
screen savers. The one we have allows us to insert our Library logo into
the "fish tank" which the fish swim around. Looks fantastic! 

The display has been very popular. It certainly catches more eyes than
the standard posters and signs.

Phillip B. Whitford
Manager Information Technology
Braswell Memorial Library
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
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Perhaps a bit off the web topic but.....

I'd like to purchase a flat-screen display for our Library entrance 
to connect to our in-house network.  For the most part, I am looking 
to use this monitor to run a slide show of Library information, ie. 
one screen listing new books we have, followed by a screen say, of 
meetings in the building, followed by Library hours, followed by a 
film clip from the web, etc.  I would also like the ability to 
display from many sources allowing for future growth (TV,CD/DVD, 
videocam, audio, HDTV?).

My other criteria is to be able to centrally control what items 
display on the monitor and for how long.  For example, I might want 
the new book screen to display until Nov 30th, the screen for 
meetings in the building display just today, etc.  I would 
hopefully  be able to prepare these various "slides" ahead of time 
and assign a display start/end time so if I am out a particular day, 
the monitor updates automatically.

Any suggestions, experiences, Plasma/LCD?  Thanks for any help.

- Ilan

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