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Depending on your budget, lighting scenarios, size of space, etc. etc...
Here's another idea, may work for others in a similar position.

Projectors are getting better and better, and are quite a bit cheaper
than flat-screen displays. The big, bulky "only works in the dark" days
are over, too. And if you spring to have a portable one ceiling mounted
above the area where the display will be... er... displayed, then you
can take the unit down and use it in other locations if/when the need
arrises. For training and education, movies, game-night, etc. WoW on a
300" screen is... Well... The word "sick" comes to mind. But in a good

Again... Don't know if the space you've got is right, but the ability to
thow a 300" image vs. a 50" for less than half the price is pretty cool.
Plus, if it's ceiling mounted... You can have the display be at whatever
height you want, and nobody can "touch" it at all. Well, they can... But
that makes it even more fun ;-) 

- A 

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Perhaps a bit off the web topic but.....

I'd like to purchase a flat-screen display for our Library entrance to
connect to our in-house network.  For the most part, I am looking to use
this monitor to run a slide show of Library information, ie. 
one screen listing new books we have, followed by a screen say, of
meetings in the building, followed by Library hours, followed by a film
clip from the web, etc.  I would also like the ability to display from
many sources allowing for future growth (TV,CD/DVD, videocam, audio,

My other criteria is to be able to centrally control what items display
on the monitor and for how long.  For example, I might want the new book
screen to display until Nov 30th, the screen for meetings in the
building display just today, etc.  I would hopefully  be able to prepare
these various "slides" ahead of time and assign a display start/end time
so if I am out a particular day, the monitor updates automatically.

Any suggestions, experiences, Plasma/LCD?  Thanks for any help.

- Ilan

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