[Web4lib] Lobby Information flat-screen monitor

Ilan Zelazny izelazny at hunter.cuny.edu
Tue Nov 14 11:19:53 EST 2006

Perhaps a bit off the web topic but.....

I'd like to purchase a flat-screen display for our Library entrance 
to connect to our in-house network.  For the most part, I am looking 
to use this monitor to run a slide show of Library information, ie. 
one screen listing new books we have, followed by a screen say, of 
meetings in the building, followed by Library hours, followed by a 
film clip from the web, etc.  I would also like the ability to 
display from many sources allowing for future growth (TV,CD/DVD, 
videocam, audio, HDTV?).

My other criteria is to be able to centrally control what items 
display on the monitor and for how long.  For example, I might want 
the new book screen to display until Nov 30th, the screen for 
meetings in the building display just today, etc.  I would 
hopefully  be able to prepare these various "slides" ahead of time 
and assign a display start/end time so if I am out a particular day, 
the monitor updates automatically.

Any suggestions, experiences, Plasma/LCD?  Thanks for any help.

- Ilan

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