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Tue Nov 14 09:27:16 EST 2006

Information Architects (2 positions)

My company has a strong need for 2 information architects. We're a
federal contractor working in the DC metro area, and these two
positions would be working on a contract with the Veteran's Health

We have 170 employees, just made the Washington Business Journal's
list of fastest growing companies again, and have great benefits.
Sending your resume to me ensures that it goes directly to the
recruiter handling these positions, instead of into the slush pile.
These are full-time, salaried positions with great benefits.

JOB TITLE: Information Architect

Information architecture is a means of expressing abstract ideas and
thoughts from the Cognitive Engineer, Editorial Specialist, and Visual
Designer in a concrete and consistent way. It's the process that takes
all the necessary inputs and begins to examine the logic, or
architecture, of the system in a way that is a representation of how
to organize the data into features and functionalities for the
application. An Information Architect will need to have a good
understanding of the requirements management process so that they are
able to steward their design ideas through-out the architect stage.
The design for the application must be consistent, and follow
appropriate conventions; it must bring the chaotic and sometimes
conflicting requirements into a meaningful inter-relationship.
Traditionally the Information Architect will be predominately
responsible for the applications work flow (Use Case Story
Board/Process Flow), the wire frames (Screen Specs) and if they are
building an online application, the site map. They may also be the
owner of the User Requirements Specification Document. The
Specification Document will be the blue print for the system and all
parties from Design through to QA will make use of it. The Information
Architect needs to express their ideas at multiple levels for multiple
audiences: the Software Architects who will build the application, to
the non-technical client who is paying for the application.

Core Responsibilities

*  Provides direction for a team to develop the site structure and
design metaphor.

*  Must have and understanding of UCD and the roll of the End User Advocate

*  Has deep knowledge and is comfortable working with: Cognitive
Engineers, Visual Designers, and Editorial Specialists.

*  Has an understanding of where their efforts fit within the
requirements process.

*  Has some understanding of what it takes to build their designs and
make them happen (from both a technical design perspective and a
software design perspective).

*  Understands how to create a Use Case Story Boards and Wire Frames
and the relationship between the two

*  Comfortable with Visio, Illustrator and other modeling tools

*  Understands how to follow the 508 guidelines

*  MUST have strong analytical skills

*  Experience with metadata and controlled vocabularies is a must

*  This role will be very focused on the details of content -- it's
individual content pieces, self-contained structure and how the
content fits into the overall IA

******* Send resumes to Tom Jorgensen at tjorgensen.resumes at gmail.com *******

location: Washington, DC area
payscale: based on experience
job type: full-time
apply to: tjorgensen.resumes at gmail.com

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