[WEB4LIB] Re: The beginning of the end for the Netscape Brows

P. Michael McCulley mcculley at best.com
Mon Jun 11 13:25:15 EDT 2001

The thread and Bill's note on e-mail takeovers prompted this note.

I had to re-install today (since somehow my prefs.js file got hosed over the week --please do routine backups of that one :>) on my Netscape 4.7 the nice software from Macgyver.org that lets me easily use Outlook as my e-mail client from Netscape (send Page; new message; etc. all work fine with this).
see http://www.macgyver.org/software/nsoutlook.html
This might help someone struggling with this problem, and using Communicator e-mail (but really would prefer Outlook).

Still, to the point, it would be nice IF I didn't have to resort to this to use the e-mail client of my choice with my browser of choice.


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>> I want my e-mail to
>> be a separate program from my browser.  IE allows
>> that, Netscape want to
>> take over. As far as designing for one browser over
>> another,  that is pure
>> foolishness.
>> Bill Drew
>> drewwe at morrisville.edu

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