PLA Program: Building the Internet Library

Karen G. Schneider kgs at
Sat Mar 25 15:13:49 EST 2000

PLA Program: Building the Internet Library, Friday, 2-3:45, Room 218/219

End your conference with a bang by hearing three brave (or dumb) library
prognosticators duke it out.  Steve Coffman, Karen Schneider and Steve
Garwood will present their unique and contradictory opinions about cost
models, "world's largest library" concepts, local versus global catalogs,
electronic books, patron fees, copyright, and more.  The line-up follows:

Steve Coffman: Why I'm Right
Karen Schneider: Why Steve Coffman is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
Steve Garwood: A Plague On Both Your Houses

Question and answer session will follow the presentations... if the
presenters haven't been carted off for fighting in public.

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