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I am resending this message, as it seems to have been lost in 

This is probably not what Walter Minkel as SLJ is looking for: nevertheless, 
it is a series of landmarks I take particular pride in. The late, 
lamented _Wilson Library Bulletin_ was the first library 
magazine to include authors' email addresses as a regular 
feature (late 1993); the first to have a column written about 
the Internet, called _The Internet Cafe_  and written by Lee 
Ratzan (begun May 1993); and the first to have a column of 
comments taken off listserves (with permission) called 
_Offline_  edited by Alan Mahony (begun Feb 1994). 
I was Editor at WLB from Jan 1993 until the magazine was 
killed by HWWilson in June 1995.

Both _Library Journal_ and _School Library Journal_  got 
their first email addresses from, under my insistent 
prodding, when I was executive editor, news & features, at 
SLJ in 1992.

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> WEB4LIB folks-- _School Library Journal_ is doing a story in our December
> issue on milestones and people in librarianship over the last century, and
> as technology editor, it's my responsibility to come up with milestones in
> library technology. So far I'm hitting a brick wall both in print & on the
> Net, so I'm asking your help. Can _anyone_ supply me with the following
> information, or point me to a person, site, or other resource that can?
> Because of our audience (public youth services and K-12 school librarians),
> we'd like any data about technology firsts (with specific names and dates)
> in public libraries & K-12 schools:
> * What library was the first to have an online catalog? What year?
> * What library was the first to discard its paper shelf list? Its card
> catalog? Dates?
> * What library was the first to give its staff? its users? access to the
> Internet? Dates?
> * What library was the first to have a Web site, with date?
> * (This question is slightly different.) We also want to identify people who
> made a difference--who, in your opinion, would be the most significant in
> the story of library technology?
> Nothing I can find on these topics on the Net or in print gives me names and
> dates; everything I find is distressingly vague. It's as if nobody has kept
> any history of library technology, but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong
> places. If anyone can contribute information, or supply me with other
> technology "firsts," I will give them thanks and credit in the article. Many
> thanks, W
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