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Laura Cohen lcohen at cnsvax.albany.edu
Thu Oct 7 08:58:59 EDT 1999

The University at Albany Libraries had a production Web server in 1994 
running our official library Web site. The copyright statement on the main 
screen of our current site acknowledges this. Since my predecessor put up 
the site (running his own httpd server), I don't know the exact month. 
Sadly, he passed away last year, so I can't ask him about this (or about so 
much else!). We used Mosaic to view the site, of course, and I can still 
remember the excitement of our first days with Netscape Navigator, which 
was so speedy by comparison.

Laura Cohen

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>At 01:55 PM -0700 5/10/99, Thomas Dowling wrote:
> >My hazy recollection is that a few library web sites were around in 1993.
> >Prentiss Riddle: I seem to recall Rice being one of them.  Is that right?

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