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Mon Jul 13 12:02:59 EDT 1998

Just a note to add -- we called Searchbank and they deleted the connection
back to us that appeared on their opening page.  Our security software
denies other Internet access on those selected workstations.  

On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, Sue Kamm wrote:

> When I was at ALA, I asked a vendor (and I've forgotton which one) if there's a
> way that a net browser used for searching a database can be restricted to that
> database only, i.e., if someone is using Searchbank they can't go all over the
> net.  He said they were working on this.  You might check with your database
> vendor to see what progress is being made.
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> Gibson a deep sigh...regripping the bat...shoulders just goes to
> the top of the helmet as he always does...steps in with that left foot....
> Eckersley working out of a stretch.  Here's the 3-2 pitch...and a drive hit to
> right field! WAY BACK!  THIS BALL...IS GONE!
> --Don Drysdale's call of Kirk Gibson's dramatic home run, Game 1, 1988 World
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