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Sue Kamm suekamm at
Mon Jul 6 20:29:17 EDT 1998

When I was at ALA, I asked a vendor (and I've forgotton which one) if there's a
way that a net browser used for searching a database can be restricted to that
database only, i.e., if someone is using Searchbank they can't go all over the
net.  He said they were working on this.  You might check with your database
vendor to see what progress is being made.

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Gibson a deep sigh...regripping the bat...shoulders just goes to
the top of the helmet as he always does...steps in with that left foot....
Eckersley working out of a stretch.  Here's the 3-2 pitch...and a drive hit to
right field! WAY BACK!  THIS BALL...IS GONE!
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