JavaScript/Applets for Searching?

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Subject: JavaScript/Applets for Searching?

>I have created a growing list of bibliographies and would like to make them
>searchable.  Is there a Javascript or Java applet freely available that
>will allow me to do this?

I don't see how a client-side script or applet could succeed very well [on
its own] in searching multiple documents, because it would need to download
all those documents to the client side.  That's why at least a basic "search
this site" type of search engine is included with several commercial web
servers now.  The freebie/non-comm world is at least as well served with
options like Glimpse, WAIS, SWISH-E (obeisance to sunsite:, etc.  I note that has
something called "HoRSE (Holden's Radical Search Engine)" installed; you may
be able to use that.

Obvious caveat: you probably need CGI scripting access and/or support from
your web administrator to get any of these running.

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