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Wed Dec 17 11:29:13 EST 1997

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CORNWALL PUBLIC LIBRARY invites applications for the position of

Technical Services and Systems Librarian (Search Reopened)

Duties and Responsibilities:  manages the staff and operations of the
department; catalogues all types of library materials; ensures database
integrity; maintains library computer systems; provides system support
to all library staff; develops departmental policies and  procedures; is
a member of the Senior Management Committee.  Performs all tasks in
accordance with Cornwall Public Library policies and procedures.

Qualifications: a MLS/MLIS from an accredited University, or equivalent,
minimum three (3) years experience in an automated library setting;
three (3) years cataloguing experience; demonstrated supervisory and
organizational skills; effective interpersonal and communication skills
and problem- solving ability; knowledge of professional practice in
Cataloguing & Classification; familiarity with acquisitions and
processing functions; knowledge of AACR2, MARC formats, Dewey
classification and LCSH; experience with UNIX, NT Server and Windows 95;
knowledge of PC Networks, system testing and system debugging;
management of Internet connections is desirable; aptitude for detailed
work and high accuracy in its performance; Bilingual, English and
French, an asset.

Salary and Rank:  a non-union management position reporting directly to
the Chief Librarian.  A Librarian II or III classification depending on
qualifications. The salary range for a Librarian II is $34,597 to
$41,528, for a Librarian III it is $39,689 to $46,744.  A job
description is available on request.

Hours of work:  9:00am to 5:00pm

Cornwall, a city of 47,000 people, is scenically located on the St.
Lawrence River about a one hour drive from both Ottawa and Montreal.
The library employs 34 people and has a collection of 98,242 volumes.
In 1997 the Library moved to a new 42,00 square foot building and
automated its services.  The Library selected BestSeller for its
automation vendor and setup a
client/server system. The Library's  50 PC network (including 20 GUI
OPACs)  is linked to a NT Server with two 14 drive CD-ROM towers, a UNIX
server for the library automation system and another UNIX server for
staff access to the Internet.  In 1996 about 9,000 members visited the
library almost 300,000 times, borrowed almost 250,000 items, used almost
80,000 items in the library and asked almost 40,000 reference
questions.  Since the move to the new building membership and
circulation are up by over 30%.

Submit a letter of interest and resume by 5:00pm EST 23 January 1998
to:  (facsimiles or e-mail accepted, but please send original by mail)

Robert Hubsher, CEO
P.O. BOX 939
Cornwall, Ontario,  K6H 5V1
PHONE: (613) 932-4796   FAX: (613) 932-2715
E-MAIL: rhubsher at

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