drop-down menus

Petter Naess pnaess at usis.no
Tue Dec 16 07:23:37 EST 1997

Is there some way of making a pull down menu that avoids the traditional
extra step of selecting an item from the list to the window before
clicking "go"? What I desire is the space-saving functionality of the
pull-down menu, but in such a way that one could click directly on the
list items and dispense with that unsightly "go" button. Perhaps my
ignorance of html prevents me from understanding that this is simply not
possible (concerned friends recently prevailed upon me to suspend work on
a perpetual motion machine...), but if it is I'd love to hear about it.
Can anyone direct me to a page that has such a clickable dropdown list?
Many thanks, Petter Naess

Petter Naess
Information Resource Center
U.S. Information Service  (USIS)
American Embassy
0244 Oslo, Norway
phone 22562522
fax 22440436
email pnaess at usis.no

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