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Wed Dec 17 08:54:50 EST 1997

I've just started working with a program called ntscript that I picked
up at (beverly hills software) .  I created links to .prg
files and set up ntscript as the helper application in the browser and
an ntscriipt mime type on the server.  The meat of the matter is that
ntscript has a command, shell, that executes a command line which can be
the same as a target in the icon properties.  This information is only
helpful if your using Windows 95 or NT.  I've been using this
successfully from an Alpha NT server running Netscape's Enterprise WEB
server software.  Below is information on a sample script and setting up
the helper app and mime type. Winspirs and spirs work well with this,
after mapping dirves with this syntax:  winpirs H: I: J:.  Spirs or
winspirs will take drive letters as parameters and use these disks for
the database and I beleive Medline is a Silver Platter product.

There are some serious security issues to consider when using this
program like what if someone makes a script that says:
echo y|del *.*   and sets it up as a link on some server on the
internet.  A fix could to be to use a hex editor and edit to
rename del to something like xel or xxx.  You could use the command with
the new name that is if big Bill would give you permission to edit


mime type for server-  the x- means that it is an experimental type and
not a standard

Helper App for Navigator

Description of type:  NTScript
File extension:           prg
MIME Type:            application/x-ntscript
Application to use:    c:\ntscript\ntscript.exe

Sample script:
sub main
shell "c:\cdnetw\cdmenu.exe /F f:\cdnetw\win95.cdb /N Eric"

The sub main and endsub are required.  The above example runs cdmenu.exe
from the given path.  The /F is a switch for cdmenu that tells it where
to look for a database that defines which drives in a cd tower gets
mapped to the users computer and which program to run and where to run
that program from, the server or local disk.  Drive f in this case is a
drived mapped from the Novell server and drives in the database are
mapped from a Merridian 28 CD CD ROM Tower.

ps - I guess a simple yes or no wouldn't have answwered this.

Library wrote:

> I am in the process of designing a library intranet home page and I am
> having trouble linking to other databases such as Medline and Inmagic.
> These
> databases are on a different drive, and I can't get a hypertext link
> from
> the current drive to another. I've tried going up directories using
> ..\ but
> this doesn't work. Help!
> Eveline Niedermayr
> Burnet Library
> CSL Limited
> eniederm at

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