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Justin R Ervin jrervin at uncg.edu
Thu Dec 11 15:48:19 EST 1997

Elizabeth, et al.:
We have implemented a list of e-journals, organised alphabetically, that 
includes both publications to which we subscribe (or "receive" because of 
our print subscription) as well as those that are in the public domain. 
The list is available under "Online Journals" from our website at 
http://www.uncg.edu/lib/. We, too, have a web-based catalogue, in which 
one will find links to many of the journals that have online versions 
(Chronicle of Higher Ed's Academe Today, for example). We have not (yet) 
organised our Online Journal links by subject category.

It appears that we will, someday, be including listings for all of the 
journals for which InfoTrac provides access to full-text content, even 
though there are well over 1000 of these (close to 1500) in the two 
databases to which we subscribe (General BusinessFile and Expanded 
Academic Index) and even though there is no direct access to the journals 
like there is with OCLC (OCLC allows you to specify an ISSN in the URL; 
InfoTrac requires that you perform a regular search, using the journal 
title as your criterion.

> --Who is responsible for adding/deleting/checking the links?
I am. I assist our Electronic Information Resources Librarian and am 
responsible for many of our web pages and other public access means.

> --How much time does it involve?
I can't accurately answer this. It took about a week to set up, working on 
it 2-4 hours per day. Adding the OCLC journals took about another week, 
working on it 2-4 hours per day. Adding the InfoTrac journals to which we 
have access would probably have taken a month, working on it at least 
three hours per day. I suspect that this and many other link collection 
tasks could be greatly simplified if the web pages were set up to pull 
data from a database through some cgi or Java tool.

> --How is the list arranged? By title, by subject, both?
Only alphabetically for now.
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